Tithes & Offerings- The offering box is located at the narthex door. There is also a donation button on the church website. Thank you for contributing to the work and ministry of the church!

Food Donations- If you would like to donate canned goods to the church food pantry, contact the office and a time can be set for the food to be received.

Prayer Requests- If you have any prayer requests, please have them in by Thursday. You can either call the office or send an email to wsupc@yahoo.com.

Mitten Tree- The tree will be located at the back of the sanctuary near the prayer shawl display. We are collecting mittens, gloves, scarves, caps, and socks. Items will be distributed at Dassa McKinney Elementary School. You may place your donation on or around the tree. Donations will be accepted through Dec. 1 2018- Jan 31 2019.

Sign ups- A sign up sheet for weekly “donut purchasers and coffee makers” will be in the sanctuary. Those who pick up the donuts from Dunkin Donuts will be reimbursed or may take the church card with them and return it back to office. The donuts are underwritten by an anonymous donor.

Prayer Shawls- The cupboard of adult prayer shawls is starting to get low, if anyone would like to make and donate any adult prayer shawls, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your donations!

Prayer Concerns

Olivia Bartholomew, Billy Wolfe, Wendy, Amanda and Ellie Zanella, Denise & Ron, Logan, Jeff and Frank Reese, The Keller Family, The Waugaman Family, Dean Greenawalt, The Jurysta Family, Shirlie Kelly, Samantha, Travelers in the winter weather